Foldson Rare Breeds

British Saddlebacks

The Foldson herd of pedigree British Saddlebacks has grown from one sow into two breeding sows and a boar, producing excellent quality weaners. Martha,  our first sow has been the start of our love for the breed, we retained one of the gilts  bred in her first litter with us which means she is the foundations to our herds breeding. Mildred is Martha's daughter, she has also produced wonderful litters. Both of the sows are Bell bloodline. Our breeding boar is Gwyndy Prefect 5, known at home as Nelson.

As a pedigree registered herd we can register any offspring that meet the breed standard with the British Pig Association.




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Breed History

The British Saddleback was established in 1967 by the amalgamation of two types of saddleback breeds - the Essex and Wessex. British Saddlebacks are known for their hardiness and ability to thrive outdoors, with good grazing ability. Their brilliant mothering ability has made them ideal sows for crossing with many types of commerical breeds for pork production, but also remains a very popular choice for outdoor or organic farming systems.


A full breed history and further breed information can be found on the British Pig Association website. 

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